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By Jade Buchanan Dec 8. We estimate that there are at least persons in the world having this name which is around 0. Angela Halifax 3 episodes,. Augustine' s CoE Primary. Veering off the path, she squished down into the mud lining the side of the pavement.

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Rowan fumed as the black muck oozed around her foot. When she pulled up her foot, her left shoe remained firmly stuck in the mud. A fitting analogy for her life, but nevertheless, the last thing she needed this morning. Grabbing the shoe, she quickly hopped back over to the sidewalk, managing to put on the mud-caked remains before continuing toward the bus stop a block over.

By the time Rowan was nearing the stop she could see her bus just coming up the road. Huffing, she frantically waved him down, gasping for breath as the bus pulled to a noisy stop beside her.

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Flashing her bus pass at the bored driver she began moving to the back of the bus. Plopping down beside an older woman Rowan tried to calm her breathing, attempting to take in slower breaths. Holding her large bag on her lap, she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Smiling tightly, Rowan did her good deed for the day and neglected to tell the woman to shut up and mind her own business.

God, what a wonderful way to start a Monday.

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Glancing at her feet, she realized her socks were different colors. Fantastic, could this day possibly get any worse? Resigned to waiting, she was pleasantly surprised when her name was called and she was brought into the back of the office. Directed to sit in a chair, Rowan leaned back as the hygienist applied the topical anesthetic to her gums, chatting about nothing.

Rowan nodded at all the appropriate times.

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It was pretty hard to answer back when she had a Q-tip stuck in her mouth. Flicking through the channels, she found a movie that she wanted to watch and settled down to lose herself in it. How typical. How are we this morning?

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Open up. Closing her eyes, she tried to find her center, to take herself somewhere else. She slowly started to relax, breathing deeply, imagining her body sinking into the chair under her. With every inhale and exhale, she concentrated on letting her muscles release. Starting with her toes, and moving up her body until she was completely loose.

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Can you feel that? She winced when he started to drill into her tooth, feeling the rush of cold hit her exposed nerves. Jerking her head back with a grimace of pain, she tried to signal to the dentist that it hurt. Hold on a minute, Rowan. A few minutes later, after the corner of her left eye went completely numb, the dentist returned to his drilling.

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  • He stalked the corridor of his warship, The Shahnaz, bypassing his pride as they made themselves scarce. His ears lay flat against his head, a strong indication of his poor mood. A low, rumbling growl could be heard when he strode toward the stairs that would take him to the bridge. He was in the presence of a beautiful woman, not like his kind, but she possessed the most appealing scent reminiscent of the nawra flowers on his home planet.

    He stared down at the light russet pelt covering the top of her head, fanning out into a mane around her hairless face. She had the softest brown eyes with tiny flecks of green like the color of the grasslands where he made his home. Laithe's Pride book.

    Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Rowan Brandt needs a life Rowan is a plain Jane and she's tired o. With males outnumbering females ten to one, odds are poor that he will find her among the. The Felidae 1: Laithe's Pride. Rowan Brandt needs a life Rowan is a plain Jane and she's tired of drawing the short stick when it comes to luck and love. Idaho Pride Kindle Edition.

    Sign up today and With males outnumbering females ten to one, odds are poor that he will find her among the Fel Laithe's pride is depending upon him to find the woman who completes them. McKay, Merry E..

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    Cbse English Solution Solitary Reaper. Titles, Order. Laithe's Pride by Jade Buchanan, Book 1.