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We partner with third party advertisers, who may use tracking technologies to collect information about your activity on sites and applications across devices, both on our sites and across the Internet. To avoid personalized advertising based on your mobile app activity, you can install the DAA's AppChoices app here. You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. From basic tools, how to sharpen knives, what to build your spice stash with, and even stuff you didn't know you needed to know, such as how to tell good recipes from bad, Manning's book is a must for all kitchens and cooks.

Good tips for a beginning cook. I received this book as an advance reader copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Within each section, there are several topical chapters of one to four pages each. In general, this book is geared toward novice cooks with small kitchens.

Stuff Every Mom Should Know

Throughout the book, there is a lot of emphasis on planning of meals and planning for meals, with the consistent recommendation to do the majority of the planning and the cooking over the weekend. It started off with ten steps to planning a dinner party — including cleaning the house, identifying where to put coats, and picking a playlist — and the progressed to three steps to accepting a compliment.

There were a few pages about cooking with kids and one about cooking for a date. The chapter about setting up a home bar was just a quick overview — recommending five basic spirits and three basic mixers, as well as a slew of bar tools.

Overall, this book was a very quick read because its pages just scratched the surface of what a novice cook needs to know. In a number of areas — for example, preserving foods, pruning herbs, and conquering the fear of baking — there was the advice to consult a book or the Internet for additional specific information. Personally, I would give The Useful Book as a gift to a novice home cook rather than this book because The Useful Book contains copious recipes and illustrations to demonstrate its points, where this book does not.

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Of course, I would recommend that the novice cooks in my life take this book out of the library and read it at least once to gain some of the insight into working in a small space and planning out meals. Dec 23, DelAnne Frazee rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed.

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Just in case you are one who has never stayed in the room to notice the kitchen is the space in your home the is most usually used to prepare and serve meals. Some can be as small as a shelf containing a toaster oven and hotplate to as big as an apartment with lots of cupboards, double ovens, a stove top, walk-in fridge and freezer.

Size is not as important as knowing what to do there. Stuff Every Cook Should Know is for the novice and experienced cook alike. It tells how to choose equipment such as knives and cookery, basic knife cuts, essential spices and seasoning foods, saving family recipes and choosing recipes to try, planning a meal or party, even what to prepare for a date.

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Written with simple to understand information this is a must have for all cooks. Check it out today and you will agree as well. Dec 27, Ilana rated it it was amazing. As a novice cook - as I also used to be not that far away in time - I appreciated every single tip and idea, starting from how to cut an avocado or how to choose the best knife for meat. This book would not help you with the avocado part, but you will find plenty of advice about kitchen ware - knives included - cooking oils or how to conquer your fear of baking 'Wanting to cook is one of the best impulses that can wash over a person, but the path from desire to dinner is rarely a straight line'.

This book would not help you with the avocado part, but you will find plenty of advice about kitchen ware - knives included - cooking oils or how to conquer your fear of baking - seriously, is this issue properly addressed by serious therapists You can use it as a 'crash course in fundamental home cooking' and even right now I consider myself on a higher cooking level - and no more under the spell of panic attacks when it comes to baking, I still discovered some inspiration.

The naked truth is: 'every accomplished cook has many tales of recipes gone awry. Making mistakes is an integral part of the process of learning how to cook'. There are many ideas that I liked and agreed with in this book. For instance, that you should not worry if your kitchen is small. How to keep in mind to check when looking for a cookbook if the recipes were tested before. Or when to use regular oil or virgin oil.

How to choose the right meat or to properly master a weekly meal planning. One will learn about how to set up the home bar or to organise a party or how to plan your food budget without giving up quality. Overall, a very useful book that you need to read it if you care about your kitchen knowledge.

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Strongly recommended! Disclaimer: Book offered by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This small book eBook pages is filled with good information. Even an experienced cook will find some new tidbits. And for a novice, it is a very good starting place for learning the basics.

The section on choosing a recipe is very good. Manning is right when she says there a lot of bad recipes out there on the internet. I have learned to trust a few sites and read the reviews. And check out the cookbooks for recipe tester acknowledgements. Another good section was on fixing This small book eBook pages is filled with good information. Another good section was on fixing common mistakes. Her advice on seasoning meat was very good. And the section on the types of olive oil was informative.

There are even some psychology and good manners thrown in with the section on how to accept a compliment. Banning uni-tasker tools is a good idea overall. Go into any kitchen store and look at all the tools made for a job that one knife could do.

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