In the Name of God and Country: Reconsidering Terrorism in American History

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The white man's burden

Inequality, institutions, and differential paths of growth among New World economies. In Menard , C. Cheltenham : E. Sokoloff , K. The persistence of inequality in the Americas: schooling and suffrage, — Working paper, University of California, Los Angeles. History lessons: institutions, factors endowments, and paths of development in the New World.

The Ümlaut

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The Burden

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The empire effect: the determinants of country risk in the first age of globalization, — Journal of Economic History 66 2 , pp. Flandreau , M. Home biases, 19th century style. Journal of the European Economic Association 4 , pp. The Making of Global Finance.

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    Also by This Author. Also by This Publisher. I had some difficulty getting into this book at first. Should have trusted the author more, really. Say what you want, Phil Geusz is a master of suspense, the characters are well-rounded and sympathetic, and the fictional environment comes alive in a spectacular fashion.