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We stopped by the deserted apartment for a couple of hours. The whole night I was at his grave and at the early Liturgy. I found the leftovers from our last dinner in the fridge. Wednesday was the last time we had dinner together. Late, almost If someone had called me from the church immediately after it happened, I would have reached him alive! But no one called me!!! I have more questions than answers. These days are lost time—it is continuous pain and sorrow.

It was a joy, almost like Pascha, when after vesting him in the morgue, they let me see his face. It was a miracle that, despite the perforating wound, the Lord preserved his face unharmed, without any bruising, as if alive. Remembrances of Fr. Daniel Sysoev by Archimandrite Melchisedek Artiukhin. Flowers sheltered like cenobitic monks in a crevice at the summit of Mt.

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Paisos would always cut a few wild flowers outside his hut and take them to the Theotokos icon, whenever he wanted to pray to Her. Indeed, he urged everybody to always make an offering to Panagia, even a little one, anything within our power. This garden was an olive grove and it still exists today. According to Met. Kallistos, the Elder frequently assigned the penance of planting a tree on the island Patmos for those who came to him for confession. His ministry raised up forests as well as demolished the sins of many. A monk went by and gave him the water he was keeping for himself. Blessed Gabriel was gentle Saint of our times, compassionate for all Creation.

Chirping birds sat on it and followed him all the way. This surprised everyone. Vasiko was a soft-hearted child. He did not allow putting a trap for mice, but caught them in a cage alive and afterwards set them free out of the yard. Read about the rest of his life here. The animals in Paradise felt the fragrance of Grace and served Adam. Very early this morning, being tired from praying all night and exhausted because of my illness, I lay down to rest.

After a while, I heard a kitten meowing outside my cell as if she needed something. I really wanted to rest, but I humbled myself and went against my own will. I obeyed the kitten and replied to her calling. I went to open the door. What do you think then? Should I obey the animals or not?

My thoughts tell me I should. When I sense the harmony of nature, I am brought to tears. Why should we be bored with life? Let us live life with the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth.

Songs of the Hebrides

The person who has the Spirit of God, who has Divine Wisdom, sees all things with love of God and notices all things. The wisdom of God makes him grasp all things and delight in all things. I spent the days before the festival in the town, living the same kind of life, perhaps even worse. March 27th Playlist Download the podcast. Festival Ceilidh By Various Artists. February 22nd Playlist Download the podcast. Noble Stranger By Nuala Kennedy.

Hebridean Mother's Song, Gur milis Morag scored for Piano/Vocal

Skerryvore by Skerryvore. February 6th Playlist Download the podcast. Love is the Way By Eddi Reader. Line-up By Battlefield Band. January 25th Playlist Download the podcast. Songs from the Bottom Drawer by Rod Paterson. Adoon Windin Nith by Emily Smith. Hello World by Lorne MacDougall.

January 10th Playlist Download the podcast. Eric Linklater By Eric Linklater. Bottlenecks and Arm Breakers by Session A9. Mar a tha mo chridhe By Julie Fowlis. November 8th Playlist Download the podcast. Corsie — The Lad From Orkney.

Songs of the Hebrides

Fire On! Burns, F. February 16th Playlist. Kilda Wedding Trad. Lineup by Battlefield Band Track — Raigmore. Circadian Rhythms by Ceilidhdonia Track — Jigs. Evolution audio CD by St. Orkneytwister by Saltfishforty Track — Breadbin blues. The one she married went away as a soldier and was suppos- ed to have been killed. The other took his place in the affections of the woman. But the long-absent man unexpectedly returns, and the woman hearing of his return is singing this song to her child which is not his child as be arrives at her cottage door.

It is a song of passionate love for the child, and of as passionate desire that the unexpected and un- welcome husband, 'Tormad Ruadh' were under the sod. Gaelic verses collected by Kenneth Macleod. Air and Chorus from M r. The Ship at Sea. With a crisply marked rhythm. Bin - er thine eye Than blae- ber-ries new Fair- er thy face Than ros - es wet wV dew. Heart - sick I go Step hea - vy and slow Since my own love's Gone dye un - heed - ing me.

Brav - er than he By land or by sea None hunts the wild duck Or stag by loch and brae. O s tu's gura tu th' air m'airej O 's tu -s gura tu th' air m' aire, O 's tusa ruin tha tighinn dluth fainear dhomh, S cha'n e crodh buaile no Feill a' bha He.

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An oidhche bha sinn air aird an fhirich, Bu learn do phogan 's le deoin do mhire, An luib do bhreacain gu'n d'rinn mi suidhe, S gum b'fhearr do chomhradh na or na cruinne. Ach gaol na h-6ige b'e nos am foill dhuit, 'S mairg a dh' oladh a leoir de t' aoibhneas, Thig mar sheudaig de'n ghrein 's i boillsgeadh, Gu'n teid e fuadan mar bhruadar oidhche. Thug thu sear diom is thug thu siar diom, Thug thu ghealach is thug thu ghrian diom, Thug thu'n cridhe a bha 'nam chliabh diom, Cha mhor, a ghaoil ghil, nach tug 's mo Dhia diom. Aeh ged a robh mi fo'n fhoidam maireaeh, Air mo chur sios fo na leacaibh bana, 7 S mi gu'n duisgeadh le urachd slainte Na'n tigeadh gaolan's e shuidhe lamh rium.

Of thee and ever of thee my thoughts, Of thee and ever of thee my thoughts, Of thee, love the thoughts that haunt Never of cattle nor Festal Day. Under the shade of a rock our trysts, Among the willow trees our cooing, Spray of heather our candles white, Stags of the hill our watchers. The night we wandered to far off braes Mine were thy kisses and, joy! But love qf youth thy way is fickleness, Alas,ivho would drink their fill qf tky joy! Comes it like ajeivel-ray of the glistening sun, Goes it like a dream of the night.

Hast taken off me the East, off me the West, Hast taken off me the Moon, off me the Sun, Hast taken off me the heart in my bosom, And, white love, almost off me my God. But tho f I were under the sod to-morrow, Low laid under the ivhite flag-sto? The following verses, containing wild curses on the successful rival, are always associated with the above song.

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  4. Tha bean mo run-sa trom torraeh, Ach ma tha, gu 'm beir i solar, Gu'm beirear cat dith, gu'm beirear cu dith, An nathair nimhe air a culaibh Mollachd athar 's mollachd mathar, Mollachd pheathraichean is bhraithrean, Mollachd an fhir a fhuair air laimh i, 'S a' chuid eile aig a cairdean. With passionate fervour and very sustained. Air phonographed in Eriskay and arr.