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Will these rules keep me from getting the care I need? If so, in what way? What services are covered by this health insurance? For instance, does the plan cover routine surgery, hospital stays, doctor visits, nursing home stays, home health care, and medical equipment and supplies? Will the plan pay for care at a hospital emergency room or urgent care center? Does the plan include vision care? Does the plan include dental coverage? Does the plan cover prescription drugs? Does the plan pay for catastrophic medical costs?

Is there an out-of-pocket limit to how much my annual costs could be? Is there a yearly or lifetime limit to how much the plan will pay for my medical costs? Are there providers and specialists where I live who will accept this plan?

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Fee-for-Service Insurance A fee-for-service insurance policy also called indemnity insurance is a traditional form of health insurance. Association-Based Health Insurance You might be able to buy health insurance through a trade or professional association you belong to. If it does, find out: How complete the coverage is How much of your medical expenses — from routine doctor visits and prescription drugs to major surgery — the insurance will cover How much it will cost each month If it covers family members Your state insurance department can tell you what your rights are under association-based health insurance plans.

Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans As a result of the new health care law , the federal government has established pre-existing condition insurance plans PCIPs in every state. In general, to get health insurance through a PCIP, you must: Have been uninsured for at least six months Have a pre-existing condition Have been denied health insurance coverage because of your health condition Be a U.

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Health Insurance Brokers If you are having a hard time finding insurance, or can't decide which insurance plan is best for you, you might want to consult with a health insurance broker. Other Types of Policies Numerous kinds of insurance policies are on the market, including many that should not be mistaken as being a type of comprehensive health insurance. Your Insurance Options Plans in the individual health insurance market typically fall into these categories: Fee-for-service insurance Managed care plans Association-based plans High-risk pools You May Also Like: Uninsured and want medical care?

Local health clinics can help. Please leave your comment below. AARP Membership. See All. Pill Identifier This tool helps you identify your pills by color, shape and markings. National Hearing Test Members can take a free confidential hearing test by phone. Join or Renew Today!

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Cancel Continue. Thank You Close. Your email address is now confirmed. State Medicaid expansion programs can only fund abortions in other circumstances using only state funds and no federal funds. President Obama issued an executive order as part of health reform that restated the federal limits specifically for Medicaid coverage of abortion.

States have the responsibility to regulate fully insured individual, small, and large group plans issued in their state, whereas the federal government regulates self-insured plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act ERISA. States can choose to regulate whether abortion coverage is included or excluded in private plans that are not self-insured.

In the private insurance sector, 11 states impose restrictions on the circumstances under which insurance will cover abortions Appendix Table 1. Some states follow the same restrictions as the federal Hyde Amendment for their private plans, while some are more restrictive. Michigan allows abortion coverage in cases of life endangerment, in cases involving a pregnancy reduction for a multi-fetal pregnancy when the abortion increases the probability of a live birth, or preserves the life or health of the child after live birth.

With Health Care Switch, Kentucky Ventures Into the Unknown

Five states had these laws on the books prior to the ACA, and six more states have passed new laws restricting private plan coverage post-ACA. While ten of these states allow insurers to sell riders for abortion coverage on the private market, a Kaiser Family Foundation study found that in , no insurers offered abortion riders to women insured through individually purchased plans, and only one insurance company in one state offered an abortion rider in the group market.

The lack of abortion riders leaves women insured by private plans in these states with no option to secure coverage for abortion services. Utah does not allow riders to be sold for abortion coverage. There is no recent data on the number of private plans that include abortion coverage. Only four states California, New York, Oregon, and Washington require all state-regulated private health plans, including Marketplace plans, to include coverage for abortion.

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As all plans are required to include maternity coverage, all plans must also include abortion coverage. Abortion services, however, are explicitly excluded from the list of EHBs that all plans are required to offer. Under federal law, no plan is required to cover abortion. States can enact laws that bar all plans participating in the state Marketplace from covering abortions, which 26 states have done since the ACA was signed into law in Figure 2. Most state laws include narrow exceptions for women whose pregnancies endanger their life or are the result of rape or incest, but two states Louisiana and Tennessee do not provide for any exceptions.

In a review of Marketplace plans, eight states that do not have laws restricting abortion coverage Delaware, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, Nevada, West Virginia, and Wyoming , had no Marketplace plans that offered abortion coverage Figure 2.

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In the five states Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Vermont and the District of Columbia that have no laws banning on requiring abortion coverage, all of the Marketplace plans include abortion coverage. Four states California, New York, Oregon, and Washington require abortion coverage from plans on the marketplace. As of January 1, , abortion coverage will be required on the Marketplace in Maine. For women in these seven states, the actual availability of coverage depends on whether there is a plan offered in their area that includes abortion services.

As a combined result of the state laws and insurance company choices, women in 34 states currently do not have access to insurance coverage for abortions through a Marketplace plan — the only place where consumers can qualify for tax subsidies to help pay for the cost of health insurance premiums if they are income eligible.

In states that do not restrict coverage of abortions on plans available through the Marketplace, insurers may offer a plan that covers abortions beyond the federal limitations but this coverage must be paid for using private, not federal, dollars. Plans must notify consumers of the abortion coverage as part of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage explanation at the time of enrollment.

Start here to find the health center closest to you and schedule an appointment online. You can also schedule an appointment by calling our Contact Center at Indiana law requires abortion patients to attend abortion counseling and sign informed consent paperwork at least 18 hours before your abortion procedure. You can set up a pre-operative appointment to complete these required pre-abortion services. Please have your payment ready at the time of check-in. Our health centers in Elkhart, Gary, Michigan City, and New Albany receive federal funding that allows services to be provided on a sliding fee scale.

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The discount is calculated based on the total household income and family size. PPINK has financial support and discounts available for qualifying patients.

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