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He had the vision of a prophet and the confidence of a madman and he was idealistic, with Saturn, Neptune, and Venus dominant among his planets and Libra, Leo, and Taurus among his signs. He shares his birthday with Barack Obama and Louis Armstrong, which gives you some idea of how he presaged the future of music, that art to which all others aspire, and the illusion of political change based on hopes that spring eternal in the human breast. The symmetry in his natal chart is fearless. He died, fittingly, in a squall, at sea. The fire and earth in his chart were vanquished by the elements of water and air.

His moon was in Pisces, his Venus in Leo.

Shelley made love to women sincerely, with attentive care, and wrote poems to her, whatever her name was, Jane or Mary or the third one. He didn't "hold" with monogamy.

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His heterodox views made Shelley the hero of wannabe poets for a century after his death. To get a flavor of that old romantic aura, read Andre Maurois's wonderful bio, Ariel. Alas, Shelley's literary reputation took a hit from Arnold, an even more wounding thrust from Eliot, and then came the backlash in full intensity. Everyone at the campfire had to tell a spooky story. Byron and Shelley had good ones, but Mary Shelley [right] won with "Frankenstein.

Who was Jane? He serenaded her with a guitar. The lyrics were lovely. She kept his picture in a locket along with a lock of his hair, and everything that he touched acquired posthumous value. Henry James's "The Aspern Papers" centers on the archive of a poet modeled after Shelley and what a single-minded professor will do to get at it. History has been kinder to Keats's reputation than to Shelley's, but it used to be that if you mentioned one you had to mention the other or you would have bad luck all day, the same as with James and Edith Wharton.

If Dante had been reborn as an Englishman, it would have been in the person of Shelley, who venerated Rousseau. Plato's parable of the cave could have been dreamed with Shelley in mind. He was probably the most complicated of the major romantic poets. Coleridge was his superior intellectually; Keats, always better loved, was Milton's true heir, able to pack as much sensual pleasure in a line of verse as pentameter allowed; Blake was crazier; Byron funnier; and Wordsworth captured, all in all, the spirit of the age more successfully than any of his contemporaries.

But Shelley was the closest thing to a visionary in the lot. When Stephen Dedalus in James Joyce's "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" sees a woman on the beach and composes a villanelle about her image, it is in the manner of Shelley.

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For a great poet Shelley wrote some really bad lines, in which he stumbles and falls and bleeds in his efforts to shed his corporeal self and merge his romantic soul with the wind that is the creative breath of God. His skylark sings to us less melodiously than Keats's nightingale, but that's paradox for you -- that Shelley, who was given to seeing things in retrospect, would oddly favor the bird of early morn. Could Shelley swim? Perhaps not. But would he have survived the squall? They were going to burn the bodies, but Shelley's heart defied the flames, refused to burn, and was rescued by Edward Trelawny.

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Byron said that his much misunderstood friend was the greatest man he had ever known. Gemini, the sign of the twins, rules her midheaven. A talented actress Mercury in Leo , she was able to project a wide variety of women -- a paranoid hypochondriac, a confidence artist, a calculating femme fatale, an unflappable witness to a murder, a spurned lover, a scheming sophisticate -- in modes tragic or comic. She was a good businesswoman Mars in Capricorn but prone to morbidity Saturn in Pisces. Barbara Stanwyck came from a working class background.

Thanks to shrewd investments Mars in Capricorn she grew rich. It figures that she never won an Oscar though she was nominated four times. Her real name was Ruby Stevens. In she married Robert Taylor. Whisperers said it was a sham designed to get gullible people to believe the two stars were heterosexual.

Taylor was four years younger than Stanny. She kept the ranch and horses when they divorced in Robert Wagner said he had a four-year affair with her. Could be. I don't even care if I was IN the rest of the damned thing. I'll take it in those fifteen minutes. What's the matter?

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Scotch, rocks, no water. You know what my biggest problem is? My biggest problem is trying to figure out how to play my fortieth fallen female different from my thirty-ninth. That tells you a lot right there. She lived to a grand old age and died in Paris in Murrow, and was bi-sexual. There is a rumor that she went down on Tallulah Bankhead at a party.

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In the dictionary of slang that Oxford University Press recently published, the phrase that most fascinated her was "cock holster," denoting the mouth in the act of oral sex though she could think of other apt uses for the phrase. Marlene's natal chart reveals a lusty Capricorn with Virgo rising. Her moon is in Leo and she has a bunch of Mercury, blonde Venus, and Saturn playing behind the scenes like the frolicking gods of Olympus.

This is consistent with her talent for arousing attention, her desire for same, and her serious and melancholic edge that adds complexity to her poker-faced personality. When your mid-heaven is in Taurus and all else is aligned as above, the chances are that you will grow to a height of five feet six inches, if you're a woman, and that is exactly how tall Marlene was, and blonde, with a cigarette between forefinger and thumb, lush lipstick, and bedroom eyes.

Poems about Love speak about the passion, desire and vulnerability of being in love.

Her cards The Chariot, The Moon, Knave of Swords, Nine of Wands reinforce the impression of a woman of rare beauty and charm, with a husky singing voice of limited range but great effectiveness. In addition, one would predict that she would have a fluency in languages, an appetite for sex, shapely legs, and a cute lisp. The yin in her chart outweighs the yang by a healthy margin. But there is enough stellar ambiguity to make her the object of desire of males across the sexual spectrum. She is a role model for dominant women and an icon of veneration among the submissive. It is said there are two kinds of men.

One kind favors Garbo, the other goes for Dietrich. But you had to live in the twentieth century to grasp all the implications. When she sang "Lilli Marlene," the Nazi and Allied soldiers simultaneously laid down their arms for the length of the song. The greatness achieved in the career of Marlene Dietrich indicates a fifth-house dominant personality. As a young woman she starred as a sultry seductress, the cabaret singer who turns the starchy professor into a lovesick bum, in "Blue Angel. Ein richtige Mann! She'll see what the boys in the back room will have and tell 'em she sighed, and tell 'em she cried, and tell 'em she died of the same.

Blonde Venus. Amazing blonde women! Ich bin von Kopf bis Fus auf Liebe eingestellt. And she retained her sexual allure on the screen thirty or more years later in "Touch of Evil" and "Witness for the Prosecution. And she kept a straight face while telling him. At in the morning, in London, England, on August 13 of the nineteenth century, the great film director Alfred Hitchcock was born, a solid Leo with a macabre imagination moon in Scorpio.

When August 13 falls on a Friday, as it did in and , you may expect bats to fly in through the slightest opening in the bathroom window, and the phone will ring at 11 PM and it will be someone you have never met, a waitress who writes poetry and is calling from Oregon to ask you for a job. She sounds drunk and promises to make it worth your while.

But when you explain nicely that it is very late and not the right time, etc, she says fuck you and hangs up. Then you grab a broom, turn out the lights, and chase the bats out the door. Hitchcock was short 5'5 and stout and perhaps unaware that he shared his birthday with both Annie Oakley and Fidel Castro. This accounts for his energy, drive, ambition. He has three times as much yang as yin in his personality, and no one should be surprised to learn that a man whose dominant planets are the sun, Venus, and Mars may luxuriate in bathtubs in the English manner and have an almost phobic distrust of showers ad oceanic vastness, which comes through in such movies as "Lifeboat" in which Tallulah Bankhead and company survive on a raft in the North Atlantic in World War II , "Vertigo" in which Kim Novak does not drown in the Pacific Ocean and "Psycho" in which Janet Leigh meets her shocking fate behind a torn shower curtain.

Leo, Sagittarius, and Scorpio are the predominant signs of a man whose self-confidence can lead him to commit the sin of pride. I hear that Janet Leigh greatly prefers baths to showers and has ever since working with Hitch. A picture of the master of suspense emerges from a study of Hitchcock's chart. He is a Roman Catholic; a lover of blondes especially American blondes ; and a prankster of the imagination who knows that a straight face is best for effects either comic or scary and that the best way to get an actor and an actress to understand their parts as quarreling lovers is to handcuff them together and lock them in a room overnight, as in the filming of "The 39 Steps.

This experience had the desired effect on the lad, who worked out his guilt complex by dispatching heroes, heroines, and villains to their deaths from the top of a church tower, or from a moving train, or in a wood stove, or by an attack of killer birds, or from the top of the Statue of Liberty, or in an out-of-control merry-go-around at an amusement park, or by a nasty piece of goods who uses his necktie as a strangling device, or sometimes with a gun, a knife, or a pair of handy scissors.

The leonine Hitchock had his sun and his Venus in Leo. This makes him a most logical man, a constant man, generous in his affections but domineering, and almost tyrannically loyal to his lovers and friends. Given his stellar combination of assertive confidence and deep-seated guilt, it comes as no surprise to students of the great man's chart that 1 the great Hitchcock actors male tend to be old-fashioned types James Stewart, Cary Grant rather than the method-trained new breed; 2 in some not all of the best Hitchcock movies, the villain is either more interesting than the hero Robert Walker versus Farley Granger in "Strangers on a Train" or at least complicated in an attractive way e.

Hitch shows us the craziness inside every man and his almost invariably blonde fantasy lady. Note: Readers of "astrological profiles" know that the use of astrological terms is laid on pretty thick but with tongue in cheek, firmly so, on the nervy assumption that the horoscope -- like the "haruspicate or scry," "sortilege, or tea leaves," playing cards, pentagrams, handwriting analysis, palm-reading, and the "preconscious terrors" of the dreaming mind in T.

Eliot's "The Dry Salvages" -- may be a bust at prediction bur may turn out to be not only "usual pastimes and drugs" but the means of poetic exploration. I cast my ballot in favor of Barbara Stanwyck. A talented actress Mercury in Leo , she was able to project a wide variety of women -- a paranoid hypochondriac, a confidence artist, a calculating femme fatale, an unflappable witness to a murder -- in modes tragic or comic.