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I have worked and lived in this area for 20 plus years. Ever since I first heard the words seven bridges road mentioned as a reference to a particular location, or reference point. I am reminded of the years I lived in a north carolina mountain town called Gerton not far from asheville. On many occasions friends would get togerher abd do what we did in the day some folks played guitar some harp and such anyhow seven bridges was a song that pre dated karioke. Moving south was made a little more bearable because of this beautiful melody. General Comment The first music I ever owned was an 8-track of the Eagles greatest hits.

Wore that thing out around the back roads near Tuttle,Okla. Never knew this song was done by the Eagles until just a few years ago when The Swon Bros. I think the reason so many people connect with this song is the fact that in every small town or rural area there is a "Seven Bridges Road" Some back road where kids hung out on Friday night and generally did what they weren't supposed to do.

With the death of Glen Frey I am listening to the Eagles even more than usual and have been learning Eagles songs on guitar.

This one is so easy to play and it gives me goose bumps every time I play it. It's the combination of a deep connection with my younger days and the eeriness of the tune that make it special for me. This is more clearly evident as we're runnin down the road tryna lucen my load got 7 women on my mind. Yep, that one. Why 7? It is the last perfect number of creavolution. Double it to 14 which is no more than the second 5 as one and 4 are. Double the 5 you get a ten by way of 1 and 0 or i and o our binary code. One and zero are still only one so 5 is half of 1 and 7 is half of 5. The one only goes to 7 then repeats on 8 as do.

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Women are less cerebral than men's concious orderly mind. More closely related to subconcious jumble only having thought in imagery sensing without thinking. They are playing the seduction destruction game with men which is their natural role on this plane and they are damn good at it. They are a mirror in witch we see what we are by their excellent example of what we are not. They are our double duplicate dopple dove dub device devil devinity doble diablo diabolical duplicitious dame damsel daemon demon darkness mother Madonna mistress sister virgin whore.

Eve came frm mans rib.

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Sharing one gene they are identical twins of opposite sex. He is her father mother brother husband and lover. He was created she was made. Sons of god daughters of men. Adam was not tempted to eat the fruit so god put him to sleep to dream up a helper. In new testament parable, a certain ruler arraigned a wedding for his son.

Shood be With his son.

"Seven Bridges Road" The Eagles

She helped him. Out of paradise to till the ssoil by the sweat off his ass, to support himself her and the kids while her stretched out hormonally changing body and mind no longer want sex having gotten those kids her true goal is complete she turns you down tho she never says no to other men or women or both, that is her lover whore demon presenting to hook and destroy another man.

When the one you knew best goes, what a shock! My wife of 13 years and 3 sons stepped out on the porch when i brought the van around. I walked to open her door and the kids and she stood their gazing at everything for the first time, including me. No emotion.

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No attachment. Ice cold and sizing up the battlefield. Nor had i ever met her before and i KNEW it! Behold a pale rider on a horse and all hell to follow. No need to get angry the aren't human. Eve-ry thinh about thrm is fake. All porn stars are men. No waist big triceps cant dance or move gracefully bad makeup anf hair. Some are rubber. Look up michell obamas penis on yootoob. The Zombies She's not There. Stones Missing You.

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Idk who with Poison Ivy, i. Jackson Browne wrote Take it Easy.

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